Growth Strategies For Your Business

by ryan on July 3, 2017


Finding Growth Strategies For Your Business


The process of inventing (or reinventing) your business includes an honest assessment of three factors: identifying where your company is now; identifying what transformation you want to occur; and identifying the fundamental challenges for getting there.


Brainstorming new opportunities and then tying those opportunities to a financial forecast is one of the biggest challenges that business owners face. You can also use pre made useable templates to help your business.

In the final analysis, all of this strategic planning boils down to one difficult task: how to build a successful business.

Strategic Planning Facilitator Services

We can provide facilitator services for your strategic planning meeting. Read more about Strategic Planning Facilitator Services…

Strategic Planning Services

Our Strategic Planning service provides a method to identify new sources of profitability for your business. By breaking down and rethinking your business model and using good templates we take a step-by-step approach to creating a sustainable, growing business.

We refine your existing strategy or develop new strategic models designed to get you to your goals.

During this process we have definitive discussions with you, from which emerges a business model that works.

These discussions cover a lot of ground, including:

Defining what your customers really want and need.
Developing innovative ways to reach your customers in a networked economy (because it’s a brave new world out there).
Investigating alternative revenue streams for your current and future products.
Tailoring products for what your customers need.
Repositioning your products and your brand to be more aligned with your market.
Determining whether partnering options are viable for your company.
Understanding your true manufacturing costs.
Developing future product ideas.
Discussing funding needs and options.
Costs For Strategic Planning

Based on our initial discussion, we’ll provide an estimate of what services and timelines we can provide for your strategic planning needs. Generally, we develop a package of services for one flat fee, or we can provide on-going consulting for an hourly rate.

These services can be bundled with our business plan development and business management services. We’re flexible and can develop an affordable strategic planning service that drives your company’s success.

Contact us for a confidential discussion of your business concerns. We can help you formulate a way forward.













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