Comprehensive Business Management Templates

by ryan on July 12, 2017


Comprehensive Business Management Templates


We can provide flexible management services for specific products, for divisions of your company, or for general company management.

General Business Management Services


Our Business Management services range from on-going management of your entire business, to issue-focused management of specific areas requiring problem-solving. We can provide complete management services for deploying and managing your company’s strategic vision.

We ensure that your business plan is executed and managed through goal-based, hands-on management. We focus on overseeing a company’s overall health and success rate; identifying and resolving issues; establishing and managing operations; reviewing and revising operational and production strategies and costs; and streamlining entire organizations.

Product Management Templates

We can provide overall product management services for the development and release of your products. Our services range from early product development through prototyping, manufacturing, sales channel development and financial management. We’ll develop and manage a course of action that dramatically increases your success rate.

About Direct Business Plans

With offices in California and Arizona, DirectPlan provides comprehensive business planning and management services to small and mid-size companies. By tapping into an extensive network of experienced business managers and technologists, DirectPlan brings together top-level teams to analyze, develop, and manage business planning for client companies.

DirectPlan’s executive planning and management is guided by Cynthia K. McCahon, MBA. Cynthia has developed over 200 successful business plans that provided the basis for planning, funding and launching businesses throughout the world.

Recognized as an expert in business plan development, Cynthia is the author of the best-selling series ‘The Top Small Business Plans‘, available on Amazon, and other select online resellers.

Comprehensive Business Management Templates:








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