Business Plan Writing Tips and Templates

by ryan on July 5, 2017


Business Plan Writing Tips and Templates


We develop business plans and templates that focus on understanding your business model, refining your revenue model and expanding your sales reach. Chief among our objectives:

Identifying your current situation
Defining a manageable set of goals, including funding requirements
Developing tasks to achieve your goals
Explaining your business model
Determining which sales channels derive the most net revenue
Establishing a practical marketing plan
Forecasting your financials, including sales, profit and loss, and cash flow
Projecting when you’ll break even and how much money you actually earn
Providing a realistic appraisal of your odds of success
Reviewing possible exit strategies

We prepare business plans and templates based on your budget and funding needs. From Mini Plans for a ‘first-look’ at a business idea to Comprehensive Plans for investors, we have a plan that will fit your requirements. View our Feature Comparison chart to review the levels of business plans we offer and gain a better understanding of which topics are necessary for inclusion to serve your company’s current needs.

Each business plan is written by an MBA with extensive experience in strategy and product development. All business plans and templatesinclude GAAP-compliant financial forecasts. Interested in knowing how we develop business plans? Read more about our process and the result. Our clients are 100% satisfied with the results we achieve for their companies.

Business Plan Levels

Basic Financial Forecasts

Created for entrepreneurs and businesses in need of understanding a venture’s financial forecasts only. Ideal for investigating the financial opportunity of a venture. Our Basic Financial package includes 12-month and 3-Year GAAP-approved forecasts:


Sales Forecast
Profit and Loss Forecast
Cash Flow Forecast
Balance Sheet

Basic Business Plan Click here to view an example Basic Business Plan

Tailored for small businesses seeking start-up or growth funding, our Basic Business Plan is a popular solution for business owners who need to quickly and accurately create an affordable business plan.

Many of our Basic Business Plan clients are seeking bank loans and simple investor funding for their businesses, generally up to $500,000 in start-up or growth capital.

Intermediate Business plans and templates

Developed for businesses seeking more detailed growth and funding business plans and templates, our Intermediate Business Plan is a comprehensive analysis of a company’s current situation, strategies and goals. Intermediate Business Plan companies are generally seeking loans and/or investor funding of between $500,000 to $2,000,000 for start-up and growth capital.

Intermediate Business Plan clients are often launching new products or realigning their existing product line to improve net revenues.

Comprehensive Business Plans

Created for businesses seeking highly detailed business plans, our Comprehensive Business Plan provides a complete roadmap for companies requiring exhaustive strategy and planning, market research and analysis, operations and process improvement, and investor analysis. Designed as high-priority, investor-quality strategic planning documents, our Comprehensive business plans and templates are for companies seeking in excess of $2,000,000 in start-up and capital funding.

Business Plan Review Click here to view an example Business Plan Review

Quite often clients have existing business plans that are incomplete or have failed to generate funding for the client’s company. Our Business Plan Review service provides an exhaustive audit of any existing plan, along with a detailed assessment of each section. We review the existing text and detail what’s missing, including a thorough assessment of the financial forecasts. Often, the financial section proves to be the most difficult component of a business plan.

Business Plan Review clients often seek assistance scrutinizing and recasting the company’s financials, in addition to an overall ‘fresh-look’ at the company’s strategic planning and basic value propositions. Many Business Plan Review clients are seeking neutral opinions prior to their presenting the plan to investors.

Power Point Presentations Click here to view an example PowerPoint presentation

We can prepare a PowerPoint presentation that communicates your vision in a straight-forward, fast-moving slide-show. The presentation provides an effective means of presenting the company quickly and professionally to investors and other audiences.

Presentation clients are often preparing to present their business to investors. In addition to creating PowerPoint presentations, we often provide presentation coaching and evaluation services.

Hourly Consulting

We provide consulting services for strategic planning, business plan development, funding development and overall business management. Hourly consulting and packaged business coaching offers a cost-effective way for business owners to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experienced management support. Consulting services are offered on an as-needed or on-going basis and require a 3-hour minimum for each engagement. Call for a complete discussion of your business consulting needs”

Complete Business Management Services

If requested, DirectPlan provides complete management services for deploying and managing your company’s strategic vision. Whether your needs are development of strategic business plans and templates; financial forecasting; or a complete management package with project management services, we’ll develop a course of action that dramatically increases your success rate.










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